240 hour

Course Length
Assistant director

Students in this course will be acquainted with the different levels, tasks, and responsibilities of an assistant directorposition and the role of an assistant director in the crew. You will be equipped with the foundation knowledge of the profession that will enable you to perform your tasks confidently.

The number of lessons ensures that you will have comprehensive knowledge, but you will need to further develop your knowledge and skills in the film-making internship programs organized jointly by the Hungarian Film Fund and LUMIÉRE. After completion of one or two internships you will be able to perform tasks independently in Hungarian and international features, series and commercials.

Oviously, the most important precondition is that you do your utmost to acquire the necessary professional knowledge and skills.

This course is launched with the support of the Hungarian Film Fund. Thanks to this support, students can learn the profession in a course consisting of 240lessons at an extremely favourable 80 % discount rate. As we anticipate a large number of applications, we will hold an entrance exam, the date of which will be announced soon.


• coordination of assistant and production tasks • collaboration between assistant and production teams

• collaboration between assistants and directors

• international and Hungarian film production: similarities and differences Comprehensive and detailed presentation of the film production workflow.

• aspects of reading and processing a screenplay, measuring the time of scenes/films

• the function of storyboards and shooting schedules. • Preparing production plans and shooting schedules.

• use of software supporting assistant director tasks

• phases and tasks in pre-production

• practical examples and analyses of organizing and implementing the shooting of a film

• labour market status of assistant directors

• work contracts, forms of taxation, rights and duties in employment, knowledge of safety regulations


Course leader
György Csilla, Kádár László

Allowed absence is

Pre-condition of taking the exam
Allowed absence is not exceeded, active contribution to lessons, meeting deadlines.

The exam consists of a written part and a practice part, and the evaluation of interim assignments is also considered.

51-89%: satisfactory
90-100%: excellent

Entry requirements
Basic level of English, general knowledge of films, interest and commitment to the profession. interest and commitment to the profession.

Who will you learn from?

Artists actively working in creative fields and world-class film professionals with significant international experience make up our teaching staff. They will act as your most important contacts in the profession. They will help your start on your career. They will create the conditions that enable you to become an active contributor to the film-making community. They will offer you the first work opportunities. They will be your references and their recommendation will be more valuable than any diploma or certificate.

What opportunities will you have after completing your studies at our school?

The Lumiére Film School was established with the aim of offering professional responses to the serious shortage of film industry practitioners currently experienced. Our collaborating partners are leading suppliers to American, European and Asian features, series and commercials produced in Hungary. The school is in a fortunate position as we are in daily contact with the heads of key production companies and they increasingly rely on our schoolwhen they need new crew members.

Our tutors

Antall Gabi

Portré IMDB

Endrényi Krisztina


Ferenczy Gábor


Gajdos Gábor

Portré IMDB

György Csilla


Incze Ágnes


Kádár László

Portré IMDB

Kölcsey Levente


Linczényi Kata


Makk Lili


Medvigy Gábor


Mosó Mihály


Salamon András


Szalai Károly


Tóth Judit


Várhegyi Rudolf



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