140 hour

Course Length
Assistant Editor

This course aims to equip students with all the knowledge and skills a much-sought after assistant editor needs.

You will acquire indispensable technical foundations and most importantly you will know what directions to take in your professional development to become a professional assistant editor much sought after to work in the greatest movies.


• the use of Avid Media Composer at an advanced level, skills in creating, exporting and listing transparent project structures; knowledge of what digital signs, algebraic and geometric compression mean.

• recording formats, compression algorithms, file extensions

• data backup, DIT-DMT, secure storage

• conversions, dailies, DaVinci Resolve basics

• synchronization, using clipboards, multi-camera grouping

• scriptsync, project build-up, systematization

• file based content types, their properties and occurrences, their use from shooting formats through to DCP

• project workflow, pipeline, importance of metadata inheritance

• project ending in practice EDL, AAF, cutlist creation


Course leader
Szalai Károly, Hargittai László

The exam consists of two parts: theory and practice; and the evaluation of the assignments you did in the course is also considered.

We issue two types of certificates. A Certificate of Attendance will certify that a student has completed studies in the course. A Certificate of Excellence will be awarded to outstanding students who have completed their studies with the best scores. This carries significance in terms of job opportunities.

What else may be needed for you to become a successful assistant editor?
Basic level of English, general knowledge of films, interest and commitment to the profession.

Who will you learn from?

Artists actively working in creative fields and world-class film professionals with significant international experience make up our teaching staff. They will act as your most important contacts in the profession. They will help your start on your career. They will create the conditions that enable you to become an active contributor to the film-making community. They will offer you the first work opportunities. They will be your references and their recommendation will be more valuable than any diploma or certificate.

What opportunities will you have after completing your studies at our school?

The Lumiére Film School was established with the aim of offering professional responses to the serious shortage of film industry practitioners currently experienced. Our collaborating partners are leading suppliers to American, European and Asian features, series and commercials produced in Hungary. The school is in a fortunate position as we are in daily contact with the heads of key production companies and they increasingly rely on our schoolwhen they need new crew members.

Our tutors

Antall Gabi

Portré IMDB

Duszka Péter Gábor


Ferenczy Gábor


Hargittai László


Incze Ágnes


Kovács Zoltán

Portré IMDB

Makk Lili


Medvigy Gábor


Salamon András


Szalai Károly


Tóth Zsolt


Várhegyi Rudolf



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