240 hour

Course Length
Screenwriting basics

senior tutor: Géza Bereményi, writer, screenwriter, film director

Screenwriting and development, both for feature films and quality series, are the most dynamically growing branches of art in the 21st century. The prestige of film-writing as a profession has changed significantly worldwide. Not only screenwriters and script consultants but a variety of experts and instructors taking part in the development process also play a key role in today’s film and television industries.

Underlying this training course is our approach to this field that we see as a profession that can be learnt provided that you have the necessary abilities. This course is first of all recommended to students who wish to learn screenwriting as a craft and use the acquired skills set for professional purposes.

Please applyif you feel you have the talent and ambition to learn writing as a form of applied art. With the help of the professional knowledge and skills you acquire in our school, you will understand the logic of writers’ decisions, and related creative and analytical skills will pave the way for your film-writing career.

In this course, we will tell you, show you, and practice with you how script writing as a craft can be learnt and how this craft can mature into art with time through your professional development.


• visual story telling

• structural components of scripts

• character development

• the universe of the story

• writing dialogues

• dramatic conflicts

writing practice

• impact analysis

• history of literature

• history of drama

• dramaturgy

• significance and technique of pitching

• film development plan (synopsis, treatment, step outline, first draft)


Course leader
Bereményi Géza

Development of a screenplay for a short film from conception through to presentation of the script.

We will issue two types of diplomas. A Certificate of Attendance will certify that a student has completed studies in the course. A Certificate of Excellence will be awarded to outstanding students who have completed their studies with the best scores. This carries significance in terms of job opportunities.

What knowledge and skills do you need to learn screenwriting as a craft?
Basic knowledge of films, writing skills, openness, good communication skills, secondary school leaving certificate.

Who will you learn from?

Artists actively working in creative fields and world-class film professionals with significant international experience make up our teaching staff. They will act as your most important contacts in the profession. They will help your start on your career. They will create the conditions that enable you to become an active contributor to the film-making community. They will offer you the first work opportunities. They will be your references and their recommendation will be more valuable than any diploma or certificate.

What opportunities will you have after completing your studies at our school?

This autumn it will be the first time that we are launching 4 creative courses simultaneously: screenwriting, directing, cinematography and editing. This will allow students to work together on joint film plans and to establish future professional contacts. After completion of the screenwriting course, students will have learnt

• screenwriting individually and in a team
• writing series individually and in a team
• advanced script editorial skills
• comprehensive knowledge of script development processes in Hungary
• comprehensive knowledge of funding opportunities for films in Hungary
• skills to work together with colleagues and consultants engaged in the development of film plans

Our tutors

Antall Gabi

Portré IMDB

Bereményi Géza

Portré IMDB

Csáki Judit


Györei Zsolt


Incze Ágnes


Medvigy Gábor


Salamon András


Várhegyi Rudolf



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